11.Apr.2011 Posted By: Brian Lipsey

How Are Sinkholes Created

The fundamental factor of all sinkhole development is the dissolving of the underlying limestone by slightly acidic water. As rain falls through the atmosphere, it absorbs carbon dioxide and forms a weak carbonic acid. As this water moves through the soil zone, it reacts with living and decaying plant matter becoming more acidic. The acidic water slowly erodes and dissolves limestone. This erosion eventually causes voids and fractures in the limestone into which overlying soils subside or collapses...

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9.DEC.2010 Posted By: Brian Lipsey

Welcome to Global Ground Solutions

My name is Brian Lipsey and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my company, Global Ground Solutions. We are a sinkhole repair, foundation repair and ground modification company. My team and I perform these technical services throughout the state of Florida with a reputation for delivering quality work and completing our projects on schedule...

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