TD-75 TEI Rock Drill

The TD-75 TEI Rock Drill is powered by 50 HP electric motor with a drilling torque up to 10,000 ft/lbs. The rigs unique design allows the tracks to close to a width of 30 inches enabling it to drive through most doorways and limited access areas.

TD-75 TEI Rock Drill

TK-50 Putzmeister

The TK-50 Putzmeister concrete pump is powered by a 96 HP Deutz diesel engine and is capable of pumping 54 cubic yards per hour at a maximum of 1150 PSI.

Tk-50 Putzmeister

Self-Contained 20ft
Drill Trailer

Our self-contained 20 ft drill trailer was designed to provide everything Global Ground Solutions needs to complete the drilling process, without having to unload heavy equipment on the project site.

Self-Contained 20ft Drill trailer

Transit, Rams
& Power Pack

In the field, this combination of equipment provides us with the pinpoint accuracy and maneuverability needed to complete any ground stabilization project.

Transit, Rams, & Power Pack

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